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About the Processes Section

Unless we change our processes, we will reach 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming by 2030. At this temperature, heat waves will occur more often. Sea levels will rise to overwhelm major cities. Millions across the global south will be displaced. The ecosystems which naturally process our waste will collapse.

What does the circular economy mean to you? A sustainable supply chain? Perhaps your organization has set net zero commitments, but believes upstream and downstream emissions are outside of scope. A prerequiste for a working partnership with MobiCycle involves accepting the idea of collective responsibility.

  • replace critical materials with synthetics
  • prioritize and reduce your purchases
  • increase your tendency to repair rather than replace equipment, and
  • decrease eWaste

Tech alone will not save us. Commit today to mapping your value chain's business processes - from mining, to manufacturing, purchases (sales) and disposals.

Why Choose MobiCycle's Platform?

Visuals should be concise. You want to be able to draw conclusions from the data in a quick and confident way. ESG reporting today is all about the dashboard eventhough anyone can generate a chart. ESG platforms cover too many topics, in a disconnected way.

Data visualizations should tell a story. Data viz should be bounded. An ESG dashboard can present a confusing story that covers too many categories. Even within the environmental part of ESG, the targets chosen cover any Scope in a random or haphazard way.

MobiCycle encourages organizations to report across all Scopes and within all categories for each Scope. Within Scope 3, categories should ideally be assessed via waste stream where possible. MobiCyce can help with electronics and electricals. We go beyond the disposals to report across the lifecycle from mining, to manufacutring, to purchases, sales (if relevant) and then to disposals.