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Scope 3

Scope 3 emissions from

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Rate your suppliers. Have they set precise Scope 3 goals?


Identify sources of emissions that may affect your future outlook.


Determine the Scope 3 categories your suppliers report.


Understand how your suppliers calculate emissions.

In the US, the SEC requires non smaller reporting company (“SRC”) registrants to disclose Scope 3 emissions and intensity if material; or, if the registrant set a GHG emissions reduction target or goal that includes Scope 3 emissions.

Let's go beyond studying negative impacts of mining at the extraction site, to understand the wider concerns.

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Protected Forests

Mining in protected forests to obtain the critical minerals. Protected areas are damaged or destroyed to supply the green economy.

Invasive Species

Invasive species play a role in a third of animal and a quarter of plant species extinctions. Invasive species can survive and adapt in mining waste.

Species Extinction

Species go extinct due to loss of habitat and loss of genetic variation. Quarrying can wipe out entire species.

Marine Life

Only 25 species are fully protected from deep-sea mining by local conservation measures.

The European Union established a list of environmentally sustainable economic activities called the taxonomy (2020). Companies that claim to be sustainable must perform these activities. The EU is considering another (sub)taxonomy just for biodiversity.

Industrial minerals are minerals except for coal or peat.

Quarry mines that are unregulated for mineral removal.

When mining companies finish their mineral extraction activities, quarries can be left abandoned or unreclaimed.

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Open pit mining

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Water use

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Long wall mining

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Tailings are the leftover waste from mining. They are stored in a special facility. Tailings are a mixture of water and unwanted minerals.

In the US, the 1972 Clean Water Act allows the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to regulat sources such as mines that discharge pollutants in to waters.
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